Friday, February 24, 2012

Landscape studies

Hey guys, thanks to my good friend Newsha [you can see her work here Newsha ] , i've been doing nearly daily landscape studies.
They're all speedpaints, 2 hours each and i feel i'm learning a lot of new things about colors from doing them. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Cris!

    My brain died for a few seconds... AMAZING! I can't believe how much you have evolved. I am so lucky to be around you.

  2. Hi!
    I saw your tree making video on youtube and from there I came here to your blog. I must say these are AWESOME!
    I am starting out in digital painting :). I have a question after seeing them, Did you make them all like the way you made that tree? Like having a reference photo to look from or you do it through your imagination, like some people on youtube! :)

    1. Hey Zaishe, thanks! All these are done with photo reference, in a set time limit of 2 hours. I work in a balanced way, 50-50 reference and no reference pieces.

    2. this is cool. between I followed your tree tut and made a tree. posted link on deviantart. :)

  3. That's sick man! well done!
    wish I had time for studies like these..