Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tainted love

This is a collaboration piece done with my Fernanda Suarez. Check out her lovely work at her deviant art page  .
It's a special piece for me, it's the first one we publish together and stay tuned, more will follow surely.

Silence - Magic: the Gathering?

Hey guys,
One of my long term silly dreams is to one day join the amazing guys doing work for Magic: the Gathering. I see this as performance and as anything related to performance, there's lots of practice to do beforehand. Here's my first ever attempt at a Magic: the Gathering fan art / mock up illustration.
It's for a card that goes back a bit, it's called "Silence".

More studies and practice

I've always struggled with blending on faces and skin, partly due to my very soft tablet settings. I'm trying to work out the issues and i've been experimenting with different brushes, techniques and settings to get it slightly better.
I've also added a little squirrel for you guys, it's a fun Diablo 3 fan art run, i'd like to do all the classes as squirrels and i have no idea why.

A small painting with a major meaning

I will spare you the silly symbolism in this one and just explain what's going on. I finally managed to start working as a full-time concept artist in a very nice, small and cozy studio! Damn, feels really nice and rewarding. Surely makes the long nights worth it!
Here's about this painting, super simple, i just see all the major objectives in my life as mountains. Each time i've managed to climb a new one, i start looking in the distance for the next one. All that lava and hell seems a bit more distant now.
I know, it's a silly painting, i was overrun with emotion.

Shake off that dust

Updates! I've been doing a lot of screen cap studies lately and they've helped a lot. Whenever you have 2-3 hours on your hands, try it out! You'd be surprised! Alright enough talk, here they are [yes, i mistyped "afraid" : ( :