Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Silence - Magic: the Gathering?

Hey guys,
One of my long term silly dreams is to one day join the amazing guys doing work for Magic: the Gathering. I see this as performance and as anything related to performance, there's lots of practice to do beforehand. Here's my first ever attempt at a Magic: the Gathering fan art / mock up illustration.
It's for a card that goes back a bit, it's called "Silence".


  1. This looks plenty good enough to be on a card! Have you contacted anyone about getting hired for this kind of thing? I'd be interested to see what they had to say :)


  2. Very cool, you should definitely try sending your stuff to their applications e-mail. I bet you could get the job.

    Also, how did you manage to make those circles? I tried something like that before but failed miserably.