Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A small painting with a major meaning

I will spare you the silly symbolism in this one and just explain what's going on. I finally managed to start working as a full-time concept artist in a very nice, small and cozy studio! Damn, feels really nice and rewarding. Surely makes the long nights worth it!
Here's about this painting, super simple, i just see all the major objectives in my life as mountains. Each time i've managed to climb a new one, i start looking in the distance for the next one. All that lava and hell seems a bit more distant now.
I know, it's a silly painting, i was overrun with emotion.


  1. It´s not silly because I feel the same way. But for me the lava always keeps coming closer and closer. I hope to reach your point of satisfaction someday. =)

  2. nice painting :)